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  • NetPower Expands Its EV On-board DC-DC Converters

    Richardson, Texas, August 11, 2020 - NetPower has announced the release of two additional EV on-board DC-DC converters. CD1800-28BN converts 400-800V to 28V/30A/800W and CD11K5-14LL converts 65-120V to 14V/107A/1.5kW.  Both are designed for battery charging applications.

    The 800W CD1800-28BN is a conduction-cooled converter...

  • NetPower Releases 1500W Non-isolated Buck/Boost DC-DC Converter

    Richardson, Texas, July 10, 2020 - NetPower announces the release of 9-60V to 0-60V 1500W NYWQ5 non-isolated buck/boost converter. The converter is packaged with the industry standard 1/4 brick pinout and adopts full digital control and supports PMBus.  

    15W Non-isolated DC-DC Converter with Fast Transient Response

    Richardson,Texas, June 2, 2020 - NetPower announces the release of 18-36V to 0.9-1.1V NPS3 non-isolated converter. The 15W NPS3 converter is designed with fast transient response and low ripple voltage characteristics, suitable for low output voltage point-of-load applications in computing and similar digital consumer applications.  

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About US

NetPower was formed in May 2000 by Lucent Power Systems’ technical experts with extensive experience in designing and producing high-performance and high-reliability power conversion products. Thanks to its reputable background and market-leading product performance, NetPower quickly became a global technology leader in DC-DC board-mounted power (BMP) modules. NetPower offers standard, modified standard and custom BMP modules as well as stand-alone power converters for e-Mobility, industrial automation, LED lighting and other demanding applications. Being a preferred vendor of world-leading OEM’s for more than two decades, NetPower has kept its focus on improving customer satisfaction and maintaining its leadership in high-density power conversion products. With the growing capacity of its R&D, production, and customer support, NetPower continues to improve its core competence with the best combination of excellent global service and market-leading products. NetPower also provide global electronics products distribution services.

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